Welcome to the 11th Annual
Spring Unveiling Art Festival Weekend
April 29, 30, & May 1, 2011

The members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group invite you to play along the shores of Cannon Beach and in the varied and beautiful galleries of our town. Nestled between the wild ocean and the coastal mountains Cannon Beach offers art and craft ranging from the playful to the sublime.

On April 29, 30, & May 1st, each gallery will spotlight new work by their chosen artists. Unveilings demos and receptions take place all weekend long, making this event an unparalleled experience for the art lover.

Below is a listing of each Gallery Group member and representative work from their participating artists for this event. The weekend events schedule is posted Here.

If you have specific questions about any of the artists, please contact the galleries directly.

Hope to see you here!

Media calls should be directed to: Bonnie Gilchrist 503-635-5100

Bronze Coast Gallery

224 N. Hemlock # 2, Tel:800-430-1055

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Cary Henrie
Cary Henrie's abstracted landscapes of the weathered west embrace vibrant earth tones and windswept horizons, capturing the vastness of this great area. He is a dynamic artist who goes beyond appearance and paints the idea of landscape. He has been published in Time, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Esquire, Southwest Art and the New York Times.

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Jacques and Mary Regat
These two amazing sculptors began their lives working alone, but say that sculpting together is like having a whole set of new tools to work with. Today they are working in bronze, silver, wood and paint and their work reflects their studies in Alaska, Central and South America and France. They especially enjoy sculpting in large scale and have several major monuments to their credit that are installed in public spaces in Alaska.

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David Crawford
As an artist, David Crawford feels that he owes much of his inspiration to his rural upbringing. Growing up living and working among cattle ranchers, art was not something that was taken too seriously, so initially, he tried to focus his creative energy on functional objects. But inevitably he began making things that had no purpose whatsoever. Today, he is still drawn to the rural lifestyle, but it now includes a studio and foundry where he creates limited edition bronze sculptures.

Cannon Beach Arts Assoc.

1064 S. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-0744


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Nikki McClure
As Nikki McClure cuts black paper with an x-acto knife, lace-like images emerge, carving out small delicate moments that reflect the strength of community. Many of her unique illustrations have appeared in children's books and journals including the New York Times best-seller "All in a Day", by Cynthia Rylant.

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Sophia Pfaff Shalmiyev
As a licensed creative arts therapist, Sophia has worked in schools, domestic violence shelters, rehab clinics, and hospitals, bringing the much-needed healing aspects of the arts to all settings. She dreams of someday being a truly bicoastal feminist artist, weaving together Cannon Beach's quiet charm with New York City's adrenaline rush.

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Liz Haley
Born in 1972 as the youngest of six children, Liz Haley was raised with community and escape as equally strong and polar influences. She is an artist, filmmaker, musician and curator whose work has been widely exhibited at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, TBA Festival and in Miami at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She is also the co-founder of Valentines, an exhibition and performance space in Portland.

DragonFire Gallery
First & Hemlock , Tel:503-436-1533

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Nancy Norman
For Nancy Norman, painting is a type of meditation. "There is just me, the brush, joyous color, and music." She works from memory of visual images and from the feelings that they evoke. Her favorite work has the intense irrational reality of a dream. The idea for the title of a painting may come to her before she even has a vision of what it is she will paint, as is often the case when the subject is humorous.

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Andrew Holmberg
Growing up in the Northwest, Andrew spent much of his childhood playing in the garden. That love of the outdoors carried over when he began blowing glass while working on his bachelor's degree in sculpture. Today, his garden glass is collected throughout the country and has been featured in the Seattle Times, Pacific Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and on the television show "Your Northwest Garden."

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Catherine Foster
Art, harmony and peace are the driving forces in Catherine Foster's new work. Using multiple layers of paint, polymers and resins, often embossing the metals and infusing interesting objects, her woven sculptures become "living art" that glows and changes depending from where one views each piece.

George Vetter FotoArt

231 N. Hemlock #113, Tel:503-739-1415

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The natural beauty of the Oregon Coast brought George to Cannon Beach in 1977, and since then his library of digital images has grown to more than 100,000, many of which have appeared in local and national publications. During the Lewis and Clark Expedition's 200th anniversary, he worked with the Great Falls, Montana Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, where his image entitled "Clark's View" is now an 8 foot high wall mural.

Haystack Gallery
183 N. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-2547


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Jeff Zigulis
As a small boy, Jeff Zigulis would spend hours with his crayons, making wild circles and shapes with a black crayon and then carefully filling in between the lines to create a treasure trove of color. Today he is still reeled in by a basic foundation or order, which is reflected in his "Painted Masks" series. Each follows a specific language. The color families vary at times, but they all come from the same beginning.

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Scott J. Morgan
Patrons of Scott's work often comment on the lyrical, narrative quality of the pieces. They are crafted in the tradition of short stories, passages of improvisational music and poetry. Movement and rhythm, line, form and color are the tools that provide links to the evolving story line. These "stories or songs" unfold as an abstract translation of Scott's inspiration and perspective.

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Pat Lambrecht-Hould
Pat Lambrecht-Hould received her formal training at the University of Montana; Montana State University; and Eastern Montana College. She majored in Applied Arts beginning as a sculptor, later expanding into oil painting and has spent the last 25 years working in watercolor and acrylics. Pat now works exclusively in mixed media. Her work is done on a gold leafed surface using the leaf as a reflected light source. "The work is experimental."

Heritage Gallery
224 N. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-0844


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Cassandra Barney
Cassandra Barney paints portraits that share her passion for storytelling. Her images capture the souls of heroines, everyday women who have found strength in their diverse experiences. They carry a range of emotion reflective of the events that have shaped their character. Ambiguous and poignant, the women find strength in their femininity.

Icefire Glassworks
Corner of Hemlock and Gower Streets

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Jim Kingwell
What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim Kingwell. Today he has pieces in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries. His new work offers a fabulous array of colors and forms as he melts a virtually colorless formula with exceptional clarity and handling capability that energizes every color he brings to his finished off-hand blown glass designs.

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Suzanne Kindland
Suzanne's journey into the world of glass began with a dream where she was suspended in a pillar of fire. Turning in the flames she found herself dancing. That dancing continues as she continues to learn the ways of glass, creating with it as her partner and bringing forth objects reminiscent more of water than fire: cool, smooth forms that reflect light as a pond does, sculptures that bend the light as a ripple does, calm creations that transmit light like the stillest pool.

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Pam Juett
Pam Juett first fell in love with hot glass while watching a demo in Cannon Beach in 1977. After exploring the many ways of working with this amazing medium, she has found her niche in flameworking, making beads that become stunning pieces of wearable art.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery


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172 N. Hemlock, Tel:503.436.2600

Jeffrey Hull
Jeffrey Hull began has painting career over 35 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it's from that coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean's edge.

Modern Villa Gallery
224 N. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-2428


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David Jonathan Marshall
With his imaginative style, bold use of color and dramatic perspective, David brings a fresh new look to the art world. His skill at capturing movement and animation in his art is a direct reflection of his own lifestyle and view of the world. He says, "I feel like I'm putting a puzzle together. I paint the pieces of that puzzle, but even I don't always know what will be seen in the end."

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Alan Boileau
Striving to celebrate and enhance the living spirit of the wood in each of his artworks, Alan Boileau creates two and three dimensional wall sculptures. He believes the eastern Canadian white pine that he generally uses tells its own story; with the Elemental forms and forces in the nature driving his original ideas and fueling his belief that wood has a continuous energy of its own.

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David Wight
David Wight is most celebrated for his ocean wave glass sculptures. As a young artist, he studied at Pilchuck Glass School, and ultimately found inspiration after traveling to a beautiful waterfall in the Caribbean. Through his passion and determination, he continues to fulfill his dream of conveying the cascading dance of water through molten glass.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery
232 N. Spruce Tel:503-436-0741

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Christopher Burkett
Studying with Ansel Adams inspired award winning fine art color landscape photographer Christopher Burkett to redefine color photography as Adams had defined black and white. The Washington Post says, "Burkett has achieved in Cibachrome what Eliot Porter achieved for dye-transfer or Weston for black & white". Each handcrafted photograph is a hand printed, hand crafted fine art original, solely created by the artist.

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Eric Jacobsen
In 2001, Art & Antiques Magazine rated plein air painter Eric Jacobsen one of the top 16 emerging artists in America. His awards have included the significant fellowship he received after completing his studies at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Copely Artist Award, has been recognized by the Oil Painters of America for his contribution, and featured in Southwest Art Magazine.

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Sheila M Evans
Sheila Evans has painted in pastel for twenty five years. Her work has been featured in Pastel Journal and Pratique des Arts Magazines, and she was recently invited to exhibit at the Salon International of Pastels in Saint Aulaye, Dordogne, in the southwest region of France. Sheila holds signature membership with the Pastel Society of America as well as the Northwest Pastel Society. She earned a bachelor's degree in fine art from Gonzaga University in 1988.

Primary Elements Gallery

172 N. Hemlock Tel:503-436-0220
email: pegallery@qwestoffice.net

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Andrew Annenberg
The guiding principle of Andrew's art is beauty. He wants his paintings to open the heart, lift the emotions and inspire the spirit. Working in the tradition of European art, he doesn't consciously use any particular subject, although broad themes are the marine environment, the allegorical, ancient civilizations and nature in general.

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Gary Fenske
Working in the dark for the last 30 years, inventing luminous paints and pioneering techniques with his fluorescing color palette, Fenske became noted as the master of Luminism. His paintings are included in the collections of former President Bill Clinton and the late Michael Jackson. He was also the first American artist to show his work in Japan at the Nagoya Shogun Castle.

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Michael Parkes
As a serious and lifelong student of spirituality and esoterica, Michael Parkes and his wife set off on a spiritual journey where they found excellent teachers and a lifelong passion for India. From there they moved to Spain where Parkes remains today, weaving the myths and dreams that we know through his art.

Jewelry by Sharon Amber

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172 N. Hemlock Tel:503-436-1494

Sharon Amber
Jewelry artist Sharon Amber draws inspiration from nature and the constant motion of the waves. She has a passion for local materials and ancient jewelry methods such as cloisonné and repousse, and her precious metal treasures are set with local "gems" carved into mermaids, seascapes, and faces bedecked with exotic colored stones.

White Bird Gallery
251 N. Hemlock Tel:503.436.2681

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Anne John
Anne John is a figurative painter, inspired by the human nature of life. Her recent work is an accumulation of articles and images collected from media sources regarding our physical presence on planet earth. Her process is to create a visual commentary on the consequences of our existence.

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Steve Eichenberger
As he sculpts his work in solid clay, then slices it into sections, carefully hollowing out each section and then seaming them back together prior to firing, Steve says his inspirations come from his dreams, reactions to world problems, or appreciation for the natural cosmos.

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Faryn Davis
Recent works by Faryn Davis combine thick, poured layers of resin with misty painted scenes. Populated by birds, bears, foxes and other creatures in dreamlike settings, and real embedded objects such as grass, eggs, bones and plants. They are inspired by the beauty and mystery of the natural world and infused with tension, rest, beauty and longing.